Albums 2013 |Karin Leitner – Sky Magic

A look at albums we have written about in 2013 – here’s Karin Leitner and the 2013  release ‘Sky Magic‘  taken from Irish Music Magazine.

karin leitner


Sky Magic
Frontline Music, FLMCD131
13 Tracks, 50 Minutes
Karin Leitner is known on the continent as the principal flute and piccolo in a multitude of orchestras, which closer to home include the Royal Philharmonic and the Irish Chamber Orchestra. Karin Leitner is a master in the realm of classical music and her latest release, Sky Magic, embodies her undoubted skill in this genre whilst also incorporating a Celtic touch that puts the magic into the Sky.
The Skymagic Ouverture and Starry Sky set the tone for the thirteen tracks that incorporate sounds of a plethora of instruments that include uilleann pipes, accordion, harp, cello and oboe among others. Leitner has a flair for arrangement and composition that makes full use of the variety of instrumental sound igniting and pervading the definitive mood of each piece. On the vocal side a stand out is the inspiring Pie Jesu where the vocal depth fully embraces the ethereal instrumental that enfolds it. Leitner concludes Sky Magic with the emotional Eagles Flight; a farewell funeral ode to her late mother which she describes as ‘bridging the visible and invisible worlds.’
Sky Magic is an exhibition of genre fusion that seamlessly entwines the classical with the Celtic with magical results. Karin Leitner‘s compostions lift, soar and skate the sky and ensuring through her inimitable talent that the emotion meets the music in a subliminal chorus.
A fabulously, classically Celtic body of work.

Eileen McCabe