Albums 2013 |Hanz Araki and Kathryn Claire

A look at albums we have written about in 2013 – here’s Hanz Araki and Kathryn Claire and their 2013 release ‘As I Roved Out: Songs of Spring‘  taken from Irish Music Magazine.

hanz araki spring


As I Roved Out: Songs of Spring
Copperplate Distribution, CELCON 002, 12 Tracks, 41 Minutes
I like the style of this jaunty pair who are based in Oregon, U.S. Hanz Araki and Kathryn Claire have embarked on a project that involves the release of four albums depicting the corresponding seasons in just one year. The thought process behind this is unique in the fact that the four albums can be toured respectively giving fans of the pair the opportunity to purchase in line with the performance and with the albums produced with minimum over dub and editing, the duo has proved that this can be done at minimum cost to the production yet, on an enjoyment level, with a maximum benefit to the listener.
As I Roved Out: Songs of Spring depicts the Season that embodies the emergence of all things nature so the slow air introduction on the first track gently bears fruit into an upbeat version of Primrose Lass where the wind instrument prevails with a quality assurance. The mix of pace is evident again in the April Fool set where, with a lovely flow, the pair, sweep into The Skylark with a flourish of percussion backing. The song choice is detailed with a strong traditional folk vibe and makes full use of the intuitive harmony, especially in the acapella version of Pleasant & Delightful which fully enhances the striking vocal. The pure tones of Araki’s voice at the start of Verdant Braes of Skreen is perfectly complemented by Claire’s sweeter subtlety and the flute and fiddle provide a whimsically poignant background to bring an end to a highly accomplished offering.
Eileen McCabe