Report: Social Business | Food and Drink Sector

Eileen co-authored this report which has lots of information on the Food and Drink Sector online ….

The Ahain Group has carried out an extensive analysis of on-line activity within the food and Drink sector. We considered the impacts of Social Business on primary food producers, food companies and local artisan food producers, with a focus on the US, UK and Ireland. 


Websites, email and use of Social Media are all playing evermore important roles within the Food and Drink sector.  The majority of brands and producers realise that there are huge revenue advantages to entering the on-line space, with excellent potential returns on investment.

A survey of 103 top level executives in the Food and Drink Industry showed that 63% agreed that Social Media was impacting the Food and Drink sector and that a significant number were using email or mobile marketing.

Beverage companies Red Bull and Coca Cola lead the table in the number of overall views of their YouTube channels as the creative content in their advertising is fresh, exciting and engaging.


It includes:

•    A detailed analysis on use of Social Media by both global and Irish food and drink sector brands
•    Crisis management case studies of how food and drink brands have dealt with positive and negative online communications
•    Examples of how food and drink brands have combined food with tourism

Eileen McCabe, Associate at The Ahain Group and report co-author, said “There is huge diversity in the implementation of a strategic, social online presence within the Food and drink Industry. Those who facilitate long term planning and embrace the digital spectrum have achieved outstanding results whilst those with an online presence but without the benefit of a strategic plan, have yet to achieve the results that await them online.”

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