About Dubhaile Media

So … it’s been a long time coming and now I’ve officially launched Dubhaile Media.

Dubhaile Media

Content Creation and Online Strategy Specialists


I’m delighted to have taken the first steps into something I truly believe in and hope that my clients and contacts will benefit from this too.

Dubhaile Media has emerged as a result of word of mouth requests for, in the main, content, audio and promotional strategy.

I have been writing professionally for the last four years and the key to this writing has been adapting styles within diverse Industries and evolving with the rapid changes in both online and print media. Let me explain. I have been a regular contributor to Irish Music Magazine for the last three years. I interview musicians and bands and articulate their passion for the music and their path to musical success. I review CD releases and these reviews are distributed on a global basis by Select Media who publish the Magazine.

I also work with SME’s to promote their business through the creation of innovative Press Releases which generates Print Media Coverage and Radio Interviews. In 2012 alone these Press Releases have been published in national and local Newspapers and generated numerous national and local radio interviews for my clients. This has increased brand awareness, traffic to online sites and, ultimately, made a huge difference to a Client’s profit and ROI.

I am also an Associate with Ahain Group  who deliver Social Business strategy and training on a global basis and publish highly informative reports on the Social Business potential within relevant industries. Their current paper on Social Business:A Solution for International Student Recruitment is attracting attention within the relevant Industry and the Media in general.

I work with organisations such as the Heritage Trust, generating audio content with transcription for radio and online platforms. I create audio content that can be delivered on a media platform and convert this audio into informative articles that are available for Print Media.

I have also assisted SME’s in the creation and implementation of a Social Media Strategy. This involves the creation of Social Media Accounts, the creation of content for these accounts and the management of these accounts on a long term basis as required.

The key to creative content and online strategy is to ensure there are clear goals and defined objectives to achieve a measured Return On Investment. I am happy to say that the mission statement of Dubhaile Media is to utilise our experience as content creation and strategy specialists to always deliver results in an integral and timely manner.

As potential clients we hope you agree!